Home Sports Hugo Ibarra: "I’m not worried about my continuity being talked about"

Hugo Ibarra: "I’m not worried about my continuity being talked about"

Hugo Ibarra: "I'm not worried about my continuity being talked about"

After the opaque victory on Saturday by 2 to 1 against Olimpo de Bahía Blanca for the Argentine Cup, the technical director of Boca, Hugo Ibarra, He showed a smile at the versions of his possible departure from the club and in a press conference he claimed not to worry about his continuity being discussed.

“I’m not worried that they talk about my continuity. I am not an impromptu, I have been in the club for many years. All these things are your business; so talk to each other and solve the problems yourselves”, said the technician addressing the press. And he added with visible annoyance: “If you have information, talk to the informants, my obligation is to be in front of the group, win Olympus and we did it. This is a political year, guys” warned the coach whose stability was questioned throughout the past week.

The victory in Resistencia (Chaco) gave Ibarra some airAlthough it is believed that his future will depend on what happens in each of the games. Boca will face Barracas Central as a visitor on Saturday from 3:30 p.m. and for the moment, from the Football Council headed by Vice President Juan Román Riquelme they would not be thinking of removing him from his position eitherBeyond the versions that indicate that Gerardo Martino is the first on the list of eventual replacements.

When asked about his health, Ibarra replied: “I am perfect. I am very well”. Then the technical director spoke about the victory of his team and commented: “It was a good win. The players played a very good game. The boys who had few minutes did very well, we are very happy”, he pointed out. And later, the coach highlighted the performance of some footballers who were not usually starters: “Medina played, as did Sandez, Weigandt and they did very well. I look for competition and that’s what you get”he remarked.

Regarding the players who left the field due to injury, Ibarra said: “Medina, Payero and Ramírez have match overloads and nothing else. The day after tomorrow (for this Monday) they will be fine.”, he pointed. He was also satisfied with the offensive tandem exhibited by Darío Benedetto and Miguel Merentiel, of whom he said: “I really liked how the two of them went together.”

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