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Huawei Mate X3 arrives “light as a wing and firm as a rock”

One of the great novelties of Huawei’s presentation on March 23 will be the new Mate X3 folding smartphone.

The brand has already started the promotional campaign for this new kit and guarantees that it will be light as a wing and firm as a rock.

Huawei Mate X3 arrives thinner and lighter, but also more robust

Promotion Huawei Mate X3
Huawei Mate X3 promotional poster Credit@Huawei/Weibo

On March 23, Huawei will present a handful of novelties, among which is the new foldable Mate X3. It should be remembered that, together with Samsung, the Chinese brand was a pioneer in the launch of this type of equipment.

Now is the time for the third generation of its most iconic foldable. Gearing up for the occasion, Huawei is already running a promotional campaign for the launch event that ends up giving some hints about the new model.

The latter says that the Mate X3 will be “light as a wing and steady as a rock”. The promotional slogan then suggests that the foldable will have a thinner and lighter body than its predecessors, but that it also stands out for being robust.

The brand itself has also confirmed that the new folding model will be equipped with Kunlun glass, which is about 10 times more resistant to accidental falls.

Few other specifications are known, but earlier rumors have moved forward as the new Mate X3 will feature a display that provides 2K resolution and may include satellite communications functionality.

Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2+ may also be presented on March 23

As mentioned above, at the conference on March 23, Huawei will introduce several new features. Now, some rumors are advancing that the new FreeBuds Pro 2+ may be part of the batch of revelations.

One of the great novelties of the new headphones will be the integration of a sensor capable of monitoring heart rate through the ear canal. The same sources say that the model integrates two more sensors, but unfortunately no one specifies the function of each of these.

The new FreeBuds are also expected to include other features already known to the public, such as active noise cancellation technology, transparency mode and touch controls on the temples of the model.

In addition, the same sources also state that the new headphones will inherit the design of the previous model, but that they will also include a golden outline that outlines the ends of their rods.

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