Instagram is a social media platform, as many of you might already know. However, the business element of the same has been in the limelight for a long time. Most companies have made their Instagram accounts an extended branch for marketing. Since marketing costs are lower and engagement is easier to gather, Instagram marketing has been on the boom in the last decade. However, with the addition of new features and changes in the algorithm, the way Instagram operates changes regularly. This results in a multitude of Instagram marketing agencies, committing horrendous mistakes and hence making their clients pay for it. Today we are going to take a look at the most common four mistakes, and their alternatives, to help you out when you’re stuck in one. So without much ado, let’s bite at it.

You get little to no engagement

The “no engagement” problem is one, that has been faced by most Instagram influencers in their early stages. The cause is simple, the algorithm does not push content that isn’t of relevance to people in the niche. This is simply because of a flaw in your marketing strategy. Regardless of your cries for help, if you’re not able to make it to the threshold, then you need a serious turnaround. To start off, let us take a look at a few possible causes of the situation. The first could be little to no market research. This simply means that you have not shown the diligence of taking a look at where your audience is from. Since taste is an inherited trait, people from different parts of the world, exhibit different likes and dislikes. If you’re not careful enough about your audience’s opinion, then you will fall into a ditch pretty quickly. Instead, conduct surveys and polls to understand what the viewers want, instead of gushing your ideas down their throat. The second cause of the same could be, outdated trends and ideas. Engagement cannot exist in a place where there is a lack of creativity. If you’re not coming up with new ideas, then you’ll soon be irrelevant. This is why just hopping on trends isn’t the best idea. To round it off, make sure, your marketing strategy includes your audience’s preference and, that you’re being creative. 

How to Solve 4 Common Instagram Marketing Problems

You have engagement but no conversions

For the people who are new to the world of social media marketing, conversions are the number of prospects that have converted from being a viewer to a customer. Now that you have understood what conversions mean, you might be able to relate to the above problem statement. There are high chances that you’re getting a ton of exposure, without it making you money. The reasons for this are simple. People like your content but have no idea of your existence as a brand. To simply put it, there is no brand awareness amongst your possible customers. This is probably because of the fact, that you haven’t paid enough attention to creating any. This is one of the most common mistakes in marketing strategies that most Instagram marketers make. We have seen big brands like Apple and Netflix, spending millions of dollars on creating jingles, or ads that create a brand image. This is the reason why we remember their names as well. That is that effect you want to have on your viewers. So instead of directly selling products and spending on ads, establish a brand image, that sets you apart from others in your niche. Once you’re confident and are getting good enough responses, then launch products. We’re sure the results would be quite surprising. 

Negative feedback on your account is common

This is also one of the marketing flaws that can probably end you up on the wrong side of the spectrum. We’re talking about hate comments and even trolls, that can ruin your engagement. The most evident cause for this is a flaw in your deliverable. There might be something about your products or the way that you’re representing them, that has either triggered or has pushed people to think negatively of you. This could be a piece of user-generated content, mistaken as a content piece from your page, rumors, and much more. The best way to tackle is to come forward and address the issue yourself. The sooner you do it, the better results you reap in the long term. This is because trolls are temporary and the internet is ever-changing. This is why, most people won’t even remember what happened, and will switch when you address the mistaken identities. This is one of the most common marketing mistakes we have seen and is also a pretty easy one to get out of. If you combine this tip with the last one, you might even bounce back to the top. 

You spend too much on ads

The entire advertisement game is dependent on the customer acquisition cost. This is majorly regulated by the ads and also by the marketing strategies that you use. However, if you notice that you’re spending a ton of bucks, on ads, without getting equivalent benefits, it implies that you have a serious marketing problem. The major cause for higher ad revenue is the improper selection of the target audience. This can happen due to miscommunication but it largely affects your conversion rates. Say for example if you advertise on Instagram to 100 interested people and 100 people who are partly interested in your product, which will reap better results? Well, it’s pretty easy! The latter. If you include the proper target audience in your marketing strategy, then it would be pretty easy for you to garner more conversions. 


If you have committed these mistakes or are experiencing similar problems, then don’t worry and just keep your head at it. If you utilize these actionable in your Instagram marketing strategies, then you have nothing holding you down. We’re sure these will be very helpful in making you come out on top, in your niche. Till then, keep scrolling and spread the word!


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