If we like to take special care of our clothes, so that they are soft and have a rich aroma, we are certainly one of those who use fabric softener in every wash.

The good thing is to know that we can take care of our clothes in a natural and non-contaminating way. It is possible to make an effective and cheap product at home, with ingredients that do not harm our skin’s health and respect the environment.

To give our clothes an extra touch of aroma or softness, it’s best to prepare our own fabric softener.

Required ingredients:

white vinegar
Sodium bicarbonate (sodium)
Essential oil of your choice (optional)

That’s how it’s prepared:

Mix two parts water with one part white vinegar.
Very slowly add one part baking soda. As it is an effervescent product, incorporating it into a mixture of vinegar and water will form a lot of foam.
Stir carefully until ingredients are well mixed.
If you want the fabric softener to add an aromatic touch to your clothes, you can add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice such as lavender, roses or citrus fruits.

How to use it:

Like any other hand or machine wash fabric softener. After rinsing, place in the sun or shade, as indicated by the garment.

Its ingredients are also stain resistant, color fixative and antibacterial. A natural and harmless product, especially if children’s clothing is available at home.



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