How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is real, and a significant concern as it directly influences productivity. Every writer experiences writer’s block at one point or another in their writing career. It is a very frustrating encounter, although a relatively common problem. Besides, the condition affects even the most sophisticated writers for inconsequential reasons, including procrastination and the desire to realize perfection.

Regardless of the reasons, there are several techniques, tricks, habits, and tips to get rid of writer’s block. If adhered to, they will help you eliminate the creative slump and return to the right state of mind required to get things done. So, read on as we highlight and discuss the different ways you can use to break the barrier and soundly overcome your writer’s block.

Creatively Beating the Writer’s Block

As hinted, beating writer’s block is relatively frustrating but achievable.

So, what is the secret? The following discussion presents some of the most effective ways that you can use to beat writer’s block creatively.

Walking and hiking

Sitting down for prolonged hours to complete writing can significantly hinder creativity, resulting in writer’s block. Taking a hike or simply walking is a creative way to unwind and allow your brain to loosen and think. It signifies one of the most accessible and manageable wellness activities that any writer-facing writer’s block can partake in.

Your hike or walk can take a few hours or days, depending on critical factors, such as the urgency of the required piece of writing. This activity beats the barrier by increasing one’s alertness and cognitive abilities. In addition, it will boost your mood, focus, and energy needed to generate creative ideas during the writing process.

Get some company while walking or hiking if necessary. When you are done, the mind will be relaxed and ready to resume its purpose. The change of scenery from your writing station, college, or library is a significant inspiration and plays a vital role in helping you beat writer’s block.

Improving your writing space

Regardless of where you are stationed while writing, it should be where you like to be; a comfortable and relaxing place. Your immediate environment should inspire you to write new stories, books, journals, or complete existing writing pieces. Therefore, consider a few practices, such as decluttering and proper lighting, to create an enabling environment. A neat and orderly space, whether at home or school, helps break known writer’s block.

Additionally, you can enhance your writing space by considering your preferred noise and temperature levels. On the one hand, some writers find it relatively difficult to write if there are loud noises in the immediate and surrounding environment. They feel that the constant distractions render the space uncomfortable. On the other hand, others consider noises as an inspiration to write. Understand your motivation and regulate the noise and temperature conditions to suit your preference.

Sleeping or taking a rest

Have you ever heard of the jargon “sleep on it”? Having enough sleep or rest is critical in beating writer’s block. It allows the brain to relax and remember newly acquired concepts. Thus, the writer has many ideas to write by creatively utilizing the memorized materials.

Sleeping consolidates memories, allowing you to beat writer’s block. In other words, it hinders memory impairment, which is a significant cause of the frustrating condition. For instance, students who get sufficient sleep have a higher productivity rate since they can easily remember and implement concepts learned in writing. Therefore, a relaxed brain is an excellent asset in combating writer’s block.

How to Get Rid of Writer's Block

Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block for Essays

It is disheartening and frustrating when you know you are required to complete an essay but cannot put your thoughts together. This feeling of writer’s block is familiar among students, researchers, and all essay writers. However, no matter the cause, you are not alone. The following is how to get rid of writer’s block when writing essays.


Freewriting is essential in essay writing as it lets you shun the idea of perfection, which mainly results in writer’s block. This approach allows you to draft your thoughts continuously without paying much attention to typical mistakes, such as grammar, spelling, redundancy, or the usual rules of general writing. Freewriting will allow you to express your ideas freely without feeling pressured to be perfect. As a result, it leads to further inspiration since your creativity is not limited by specific barriers.

It is important to note that this approach can take different forms. For instance, you can freely write through bullet points, scribbling, and recording random thoughts and phrases on a piece of paper. On the other hand, it can involve complete sentences and paragraphs, which will be edited later when the essay materializes.

Seeking assistance from essay writing services

It is relatively difficult to determine how long your writer’s block will last. It can persist for hours or days, meaning its consequences can be severe. Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you are unable to write a meaningful essay for hours or days? If yes, you need not worry since you can have your papers written professionally from scratch by essay writers who can guarantee you original and quality custom-written papers at an affordable cost.

Essay writing companies are widely accepted by students in the USA and globally for their services. The company boasts expert writers and numerous positive reviews by satisfied high school and college students. Thus, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from such a website whenever you face writer’s block and have your essay written in a personalized manner that exceeds your expectations.

Listen to podcasts

Listening to other people’s stories is an excellent way to achieve the necessary inspiration. They serve as a basis for your college essays. For instance, listening to a podcast on the topic you are writing about gives a positive perspective on how to approach the subject, eradicating the existing writer’s block.

Meditating or sitting quietly

Meditation is one of the greatest exercises for a writer. It allows the brain to filter distractions by relieving your anxiety and stress. Whenever you experience writer’s block, create sufficient time to sit down quietly, take deep breaths, relax your muscles, or stop active thinking. This wellness activity inspires you to think creatively and invites random incentives of imagination that can jumpstart your essay writing process.

While meditation appears like a lame exercise for many writers, its benefits are worth sacrificing a few minutes or an hour to sit quietly. Thus, it is advisable to unlock your creative flow by meditating whenever you feel stuck or overwhelmed by writing. Ultimately, a short routine meditation disciplines your mind to remain focused, which is crucial for writing with greater ease, lucidity, and poise.

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