How is the condition of which team after 14 matches of the women’s IPL, know the complete points math table

There have been 14 matches in the 2023 Women’s Premier League as of March 16. The 14th match of this season was played between Delhi Capitals and Gujarat Giants, which Gujarat Giants won. Gujarat has defeated Delhi Capitals by 11 runs in an exciting match. After this match, how is the status of the points table in the women’s IPL. Let us tell you.

After the match between Delhi and Gujarat, there is no difference in the ranking of the teams in the point table, but Gujarat definitely got 2 extra points. Even after the 14th match of the 2023 Women’s Premier League, the Mumbai Indians team is at the top of the points table, which is on top with 10 points and a net run rate of +3.325. Let us tell you that the Mumbai team has not lost a single match in the women’s IPL so far.

Mumbai is followed by Delhi Capitals who sit second in the points table with 8 points and a net run rate of +1,431. At the same time, the UP Warriors team is present at number three, which is at number three in the points table with 4 points and a net run rate of -0.196. After UP comes the Gujarat Giants number. Gujarat team has 4 points after winning today’s match but due to low net run rate of -2.523 this team is in 4th position on points table.

After all these teams comes the number of Royal Challengers Bangalore i.e. RCB which is present at the bottom of the points table. After losing 5 matches, RCB have definitely picked up 2 points by defeating UP in their 6th match, but they are still at the bottom of the point table. If RCB has to come out ahead in this tournament, now all the games will be knockouts for him.

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