How did the journalist’s fake restaurant become London’s number one?

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It takes a long time to build a business in a city, build a reputation and make money from it, but sometimes it can be achieved without doing anything.

Something similar was done by a journalist from London, Obh Butler, whose fake restaurant has the status of one of the leading restaurants in London.

The story dates back to 2017 when this journalist created a restaurant account for fun on the travel website Trip Advisor.

He named the missing restaurant The Shade at Dulwich.

He then asked his friends to write online reviews of the restaurant, which showed that many people had eaten at the restaurant.

During this time, some people actually came to this restaurant, the journalist sat in the garden of the house and paid respect to these people.

Not only this, he also created a regular restaurant website by purchasing a domain, while also creating pages on various social media sites.

The journalist said that with the help of household bleach tablets, shaving foam and honey, he took the most appetizing pictures of the food and posted them on social media pages.

After that these pictures went viral overnight and his missing restaurant became very famous.

The journalist says that it was actually his little prank through which he wanted to tell how people can be misled by making noise on social media.