Last week, Listin Diario developed the issue of the decision of the Ministry of Sports, disassociating itself from the shared administration of the hostel with the Dominican Olympic Committee.

It was somewhat surprising, but the people of the COD had known about it since December because they had received a letter from Minister Francisco Camacho. The result was two basic points: 1st. Camacho would have decided to leave the shelter and leave it in the hands of the COD, due to a problem in controlling income. Miderec pays employees and maintenance.

2nd. Since last year, Miderec had a plan underway to refurbish the old Olympic Village of the Americas, the same one that was used in the 1974 Central American and Caribbean Games. It will remain like this, each one for his side. The COD with his hostel, Camacho with his Villa.

It seems that the hostel will remain for the elite athletes and the Villa de las Américas would be for the others… (Hopefully in the villa they will avoid what used to be: disorder, indiscipline and slums).

THE EAGLES:The Aguilas Cibaeñas could not go to the final series, but neither could the Licey, which means that the tie of 22 crowns remains. What tasks do the Aguilas have this summer?

Define if the current period of Felix Fermin ended and they would look for another manager.- Felix is ​​a solid eaglet institution, I would leave him there for 5 more years and surely he would contribute another two crowns… But, since we are in the Dominican, he always has many critics , not to say “enemies”.

Angel Ovalles continues in the management, and Quilvio Hernández will have to decide if he chooses to continue in the presidency, which he has now held for two years. The Eagles are better off leaving him there. His administration has been decent and effective, at least that’s what I see from the outside.

THE BULLS. A few days ago I had an exchange with Victor Báez, press director of the Toros del Este, and I was surprised when he told me that anything with manager Raymond Abreu should be dealt with through him.

I was surprised because Raymond has always been kind and open with the press, but when things go wrong people change and hide. Will that be your case? I don’t think so, Abreu is a tremendous person and very transparent, and he is not going to harm the Bulls with such an attitude.

THE GRAND FINAL.Relatively easy was the victory of the Giants against the Stars, leveling the final at 1-1. The final score was 6-3, and everything was decided at the end of the third inning. Turns out the Giants had taken a 2-0 lead in the top of that inning on a bases-loaded walk to Elehuris Montero and an RBI single by Jeremy Peña. But, in the bottom of the inning there was a big rebellion. Double by Henry Urrutia drove in two and a three-run homer by Marcell Ozuna made it 5-2…In the eighth, Yamaico Navarro hit a solo homer off Mexican Jake Sánchez, but in the ninth José Siri walked, stole second and He went to third on a bad shot, and Hanser Alberto drove in the 6th… Lefty Tyler Alexander did his thing, Mexican Wilmer Ríos failed for the Stars, and the series continues tonight at the Tetelo Vargas stadium. So far, both teams have won in their venues… Will the whole series be like this?

OF INTEREST:José Siri needs to control his emotions. Sometimes he overflows and that’s not good for him, he has to look for something called “cold blood”. He’s supposed to fight for a spot in the Houston outfield in the spring… the All-Stars, and finally saved a game… He had failed three times in his last appearances…. If Marcell Ozuna focuses better in each turn and leaves the relaxations, it would be difficult in the rest of the series… Ozuna often “blurs”… The Stars saw an 8-win streak stopped, since the round robin… That It is important because it speaks highly of the team…Las Estrellas had two super-giant screens installed on the Malecón in San Pedro, since last night… The party is big at Los Macorises. Last night in San Francisco there were 9 races, but only 12 hits between them clubs, 6 each… Last night, in San Pedro, a live interview with Gustavo Nuñez was seen. playing second base, attending to the play and also the journalist’s question… or… ‘Really?… The end of the world is near, without a doubt.



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