Joseph Zen is free. This pro-democracy Catholic cardinal, arrested Wednesday, May 11 in Hong Kong, under the national security law was released on bail a few hours later by the pro-Beijing authorities. The singer and activist for LGBT + rights Denise Ho, arrested at the same time as him, was also released on bail.

These very prominent personalities have in common to have participated in the management of a fund – now dissolved – intended to finance the defense of activists arrested during the major pro-democracy demonstrations which shook the former British colony in 2019 .

A man of the Church reassembled against the influence of Beijing

The prelate has always spoken out against any agreement between the Catholic Church and Beijing on the appointment of Chinese bishops, believing that it would be a betrayal of the persecuted members of the unofficial Church in China.

Invoked to arrest these activists, the National Security Law was imposed by Beijing on Hong Kong in 2020 in response to huge protests the previous year. This law has crushed all dissent in this Asian business center, where expression was once free.


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