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Homemade cosmetics are gaining markets

Homemade cosmetics are gaining markets

As well as mangú, rum, cocoa, the Dominican flag (food) and the characteristic joy of the Dominican, the products of the cosmetic industry develop their potential to become a Country Brand, due to the high demand it is generating in international markets. and its remarkable growth and diversification at the local level.

Shampoos, conditioners or balms, straightening creams, tip sealers (leaven), masks, ampoules, elixirs, gels, waxes, glitter drops, essential oils, natural and aromatic soaps, are the ones that are being manufactured the most in the country, but also personal care products, such as deodorants and makeup.

Alejandra Menéndez has been producing products for hygiene and hair care for eight years and, despite the fact that three years ago she suffered a cerebral infarction that affected her spinal cord and produced a motor disability, she has found her vocation and support in the manufacture of cosmetics. economic.

Although it has not yet been formalized, it has two product lines, of which it sells up to 100 units a month and says that it has been preparing to establish its company and sell its products in other countries, but its health problems have prevented it.

As well as Alejandra, there are many people who prepare their ventures to enter the formal cosmetic market, a sector that according to figures from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes (MICM) has grown close to 300%, due to the promotional work that Dominican stylists established abroad have done, especially in the United States and Europe, explains the president of the Dominican Beauty Cluster, Rommy Grullón.

As of May of this year and in the formal sector, the country had 261 manufacturers of beauty products (MICM data), of which 83.5% are micro-enterprises, 11.5% are small, 3.4% are large and 1.5% they are medium.

In 2020, the total sales of the sector amounted to RD $ 333.4 million, growing 16% compared to 2019 and exports totaled US $ 113 million, 5.2% more than the previous year. Its main destinations were the United States (47.3%), followed by Mexico (17.5%), Colombia (15.4%), Haiti (10.1%) and Puerto Rico (2.1%).

In 50 countries
The Investment and Export Center of the Dominican Republic (ProDominicana), together with the MICM, the Association of Industries (AIRD), the European Union and the Dominican Beauty Cluster, released the result of “Study of the Beauty and Commerce Sector of Personal Care Products ”, where it is stated that some 50 nations buy cosmetics made in the country, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Panama, Spain, Aruba, Cuba, Switzerland, Saint Martin, Bahamas, Virgin Islands and Haiti.

The study points out that the cosmetic sector generates around 192,600 jobs in general and refers that in 2020, 97.2% of Dominican products in the beauty sector were exported to America, with a value of US $ 109.82 million, followed by Europe, with a value of US $ 2.13 million represented by 1.9%; Asia represents 0.9% and Africa 0.1%.

It explains that the country exports a range of products belonging to the beauty sector, but that the main ones are mixtures of odoriferous substances, beauty preparations, makeup, skin care items, oral hygiene preparations, hair and shaving preparations, perfumes, toilet waters and essential oils.

Innovation and quality
According to the president of the Dominican Beauty Cluster, Rommy Grullón, the Dominican cosmetic industry is constantly focused on innovating and raising the quality of its products to maintain its position in international markets and take advantage of its potential.

Grullón explained that for the industry to remain in constant growth as it has been up to now, work must be done to overcome the levels of informality it presents, supporting small entrepreneurs to become formalized.

He pointed out that many international markets have been opened to the country’s cosmetic industry and that if they receive the support of the current authorities, they could go much further. He added that it is important to receive support in terms of access to resources.

Export. FIGURES 47.3% to the US.
47.3% of Dominican exports from the beauty sector in 2020 were destined for the United States, 17.5% for Mexico, followed by Colombia, Haiti and Puerto Rico with 15.4%, 10.1% and 2.1%, respectively.

17.4% are capillaries
Exports of hair preparations represent 17.4 percent of the total exported within the beauty sector in 2020 and the value exported that year was US $ 19.69 million.


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