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Hokkaido Inu (HOKK): Watch out for this potential crypto scam!

There was the Dogecoin. Then the Shiba Inu. A few days ago, the Dogelon Mars (ELON) price exploded. A trend of crypto memes that the Hokkaido Inu project intends to surf. But don’t invest in it because it could be a phishing attempt.


Main increase of the day on CoinMarketCap, the price of the token has multiplied by 13 billion in the space of a few hours. Too good to be true. If the crypto universe tends to cleanse itself, scams are unfortunately still very present. So be careful before investing!

Zoom on the history of the HOKK token

On the CoinMarketCap platform, the asset is listed as of April 27. For a first known price of $ 0.0000000077. It then experienced a long period of stagnation lasting several months. But last night, the token had a real explosion. Over the last 24 hours, the token displays a progression greater than 13 billion percent. As shown in the image below, taken from CoinMarketCap.

This morning, several thousand investors woke up to be multi-millionaires. But that might just be an illusion. Since last night, it seems that the price of the asset is down. It has indeed been divided by more than 2 since last night.

The Tweetosphere is ablaze for Hokkaido Inu (HOKK)

Since the explosion of the course, all the attention has been focused on Hokkaido Inu. And most of the messages posted are far from reassuring. Some users and owners of the token even alert to phishing attempts after contacting customer service.

Others warn about the impossibility of reselling, the token hosted by the Ethereum blockchain not being accessible on an exchange like Uniswap. For some, more cautious, it would be a bug after a migration announced by the project leaders. A hypothesis nonetheless difficult to believe.

If it is phishing, the main risk is obviously that your Metamask wallet or other wallet is emptied. For this, the technique used is often the same: a request to update the password. The crooks then recover the changed password to be able to access your wallet. The account balance is then emptied to other wallets managed by the crooks.

The Previous Squid Game

A few days ago, a new token appeared among the crypto sphere: the SQUID. A token then inspired by the series which is a hit on Netflix. For the implementation of this scam, the scamers then invented from scratch a partnership with Netflix. An announcement that the streaming platform quickly denied. The last doubts were raised when a large number of buyers had made by their inability to resell the token after having bought it on Pancakeswap.

But after having touched the sky, the token fell very suddenly. By losing 99.99% of its price in a matter of seconds. And for good reason, it was a scam. Today, the token is still traded on exchanges like Pancakeswap.

For the moment, it is difficult to say 100% that it is indeed a scam. Nevertheless, many signals can lead to questioning or even worry.

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