High quality midfielder to Betis if Guido Rodríguez leaves

The departure of the Argentine midfielder is in suspense, with more than 3 teams behind his signing. Meanwhile, the Verdiblanco team is carrying out operations to find his replacement and not be left with the big hole in the spinal cord.

With each passing day and we are getting closer to the summer market, the departure of Guido Rodríguez at Real Betis acquires truth. More and more offers are arriving at the offices of the green and white clubwith the aim of removing the argentinian midfielder. Meanwhile, in Ramón Planes’ sports management they don’t want to be surprised, and they want to have a contingency plan.

Basically, if Guido Rodríguez signs his departure at Betis next season, Planes’ idea is to sign a midfielder with similar qualities. There are several names that have been considered in the green and white offices, but apparently they have already decided on one. Right now they play in the Premier League, but they are close to falling to the Championship.

Betis Guido
Pellegrino agrees with Ramón Planes, that Marc Roca should take over from Guido Rodríguez, due to the similarity in their characteristics.

Pellegrini gives the green light to the arrival of Marc Roca, so that he can take over from Guido at Betis

When they put the name of Marc Roca on the table for Manuel Pellegrini, the coach did not hesitate to say yes. The former Espanyol midfielder is a fairly outstanding brand, who has been able to exploit his performance to the fullest at Leeds United. Despite the fact that the collective level of the English team has not been the best, the Catalan is one of the few that stands out.

The idea of ​​returning to Spain to continue playing in a first division, could be the perfect excuse for him to change scenery in England. Right now the Peacock team is penultimate, and only a victory, accompanied by other results, will save them from relegation. In the event that the unfortunate event takes place, Roca’s departure would be more than ready.

With the relegation of Leeds, Betis would be very close to the relief signing of Guido

No team would like to go through an episode as sad as facing relegation, but many transactional maneuvers can ensue as a result. The clearest example can be seen here. And it is that if the Peacocks team finally goes down to the second division of English football, the Catalan midfielder will request his departure from there, despite the contract until 2026.

But not only the player’s desire to leave will occur. With the relegation its price will also drop, thanks to a paragraph of his contract, at the time of signing. Thus, the figure that Betis could pay to carry out the signing of Marc Roca will range between 7 and 10 million euros. A sum that they will take out of the box that they do with Guido Rodríguez.

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