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Here’s how to extend your iPhone’s battery

Every time a new version of iOS is released, iPhone users complain about rapid battery drain.

But there are some tricks that can be applied to maximize the battery of the Apple smartphone. Here are some tips that you can apply to your iPhone so that it does not run out of autonomy at crucial moments.

1. Disable keyboard haptic feedback

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Battery life is one of the strengths of the iPhone, but you can use a few tricks to extend battery life even moreCredit@Apple

Something as simple as disabling haptic feedback on your keyboard can increase your iPhone’s battery life. Of course, this feedback is important to the user because it confirms that he is receiving and executing the given commands.

However, this function consumes a lot of power. So it’s important to find a balance between the times when it’s really helpful to have that feedback and the other times when we can do without it.

It should be noted that this feature is not activated by default, the user will have to configure it to be able to use it.

2. Turn off dynamic content

Dynamic content is another element that consumes a lot of battery. The iOS 16.1 update introduced the Live Activities feature that allows users to receive continuous and updated notifications on the lock screen or Dynamic Island.

This is a cool feature, but if the idea is to save battery life, you should keep it disabled for as long as possible.

3. Remove widgets on the lock screen

Removing widgets from the lock screen helps save battery power by reducing the number of processes running in the background. This is because widgets are always updating in the background.

The trick is to create a lock screen without widgets. So at times when you need to save battery, you just have to select that clean widget lock screen. iOS 16 allows users to create multiple lock screens and switch between them.

4. Disable Always On Display functionality

We know that the Always On Display feature can be very useful. But it is also a feature that quickly drains your iPhone battery.

This feature is available on the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models, but it can be disabled if the goal is to save battery.

You can also use these additional tips:

  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Disable background app updates
  • Use low power mode
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data
  • limit notifications

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