Here are the 3 most dangerous products for children according to 60 million consumers

These are everyday products that can be found in many homes, and yet some of them present a danger to the health of children.

In any case, this is what reveals 60 million consumers. In question, the hygiene products whose packaging resembles food products.

Because if packaging is a real marketing tool for brands, it can create confusion for children.

“Sometimes very realistic, these products encourage purchasing by stimulating the consumer’s gluttony, by associating its use with a moment of sensory pleasure, even by attracting the youngest, thus obscuring the potential risks which ensue” explains the Agency. National Food Safety Authority (ANSES).

Bath soaps

They are also found in the form of bath “bombs”. These soaps often take the form of a treat such as a cupcake or a macaroon.

Liquid detergents and shower gels

The packaging of these products is very similar to that of fruit juice bottles.

Gourd shaped products

This is particularly the case with hydroalcoholic gel or even hair dyes which are all the more dangerous when they are combined with perfumes such as chocolate or vanilla.

The head of the Paris poison control center, Dr Jérôme Langrand, also claims to have identified several cases of accidents each year due to its misleading packaging. “Confusion of containers is a major source of accidents. A different example, but one which is revealing: every day we receive calls from parents who made the wrong bottle and gave their child essential oils instead of vitamin D, ”he admits.

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