HelloFresh launches its Factor brand in the Netherlands and Flanders

HelloFresh is expanding its Factor brand, a ready meal delivery serviceto Europewith first publications in the Netherlands and the Flemish region of Belgium. Following success in the United States and Canada, this strategic move supports the company’s goal of expanding its overall addressable market.

Due to the high penetration rate of e-commerce for grocery solutions in the Netherlands and Belgium, a direct-to-consumer (D2C) RTE service like Factor meets the needs of consumers in the region. Delivering this new service in Europe is HelloFresh’s next step in becoming an integrated grocery solutions group.

This service allows customers to choose from a choice of 12 fresh meals per week, prepared by chefs. These are approved by nutritionists who understand the consumer’s flexible, seafood, vegetarian and ketogenic diet preferences. This gives customers full control over their weekly orders. This allows them to choose a delivery time that fits their schedule, so meals are delivered right from the kitchen to their doorstep. Just like HelloFresh, Factor has a subscription model so the user can pause, change or cancel at any time.

Hello Fresh Vision

A few years ago, the German company HelloFresh took over the American company Factor. Since the takeover The company’s market share in the United States jumped to 60%. The service made its debut in Canada earlier this year and is now expanding its reach even further.

RTE’s expansion into Europe supports HelloFresh’s vision to become an integrated grocery solutions group. The German meal parcel delivery service started last year Green Chef has been successfully launched in the Netherlands and is aimed at health-conscious consumers with specific dietary preferences. As part of the company’s multi-brand strategy, Factor will attract a new target group of Dutch and Flemish customers previously untapped by HelloFresh and Green Chef.

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