He took money and a gun from him

A Man The 95-year-old was the victim of a violent robbery in his home. At least one Perpetrator He entered the house and beat him in an attempt to rob him, according to police information he accessed. Underlined.

It happened this Monday in the city of 25 de Mayo, Florida. The police were informed about the case at around 1:15 p.m. Since then, investigators have been trying to determine whether one or more criminals broke into the house and stole money and a weapon from the victim. The complaint indicates that the man was single.

Meanwhile, doctors found the victim had minor injuries.

The police of the 3rd section of 25 de Mayo and Cientifica worked on the scene to collect elements that may contribute to the investigation. The house is near Route 76.

The public prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation and is waiting for the results of the Scientific Police’s investigation.

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