Home Tech Harmony OS 2.0: Huawei launches its mobile operating system in beta

Harmony OS 2.0: Huawei launches its mobile operating system in beta

Harmony OS 2.0: Huawei launches its mobile operating system in beta

As recently released, Huawei actually released Harmony OS 2.0 for mobile phones. The new operating system that should try to compete with Google’s Android has been made official in beta and already has recruitment for developers to test the novelty.

According to Huawei the idea is to create a super terminal for Internet of Things on the phone, which can be used as a universal remote control for all appliances connected in a home. To this end, it will enter into partnerships with devs and companies in the industry, aiming to increasingly integrate its system into more devices.

Image: GizmoChina

For that, it is already making available DevEco Studio 2.0, which can be used on Windows and Mac to create applications using over 15 thousand APIs for phones, TVs, wearable devices, cars and even machines where Harmony OS 2.0 can be installed .

DevEco Studio 2.0 still has device simulators and a direct line with Huawei experts on Harmony OS 2.0 to clear doubts in real time so that development is boosted to the maximum. In addition, developers will also receive more than 40 sample codes to create mobile applications.

Harmony OS supports Android apps, with thousands of apps available for download right now by the App Gallery, although it is not natively compatible with any of Google, which require a certification from the American company to work.

The system still supports OTA updates and a list of the main supported devices has already been released:

Image: GSMArena

As you can see above it is already possible to test Harmony OS on Huawei P40 , P40 Pro , Mate 30 , Mate 30 5G , Mate 30 Pro and Mate 30 Pro 5G. In addition to the Huawei MatePad Pro tablet in all 3 models with WiFi, LTE and 5G.

The update for the new system will be delivered via OTA, there is no need to go to a company center or store to change your phone’s operating system. If you are interested in testing this beta version just go to the link page below (in Chinese) to sign up. After approval an email will be sent with more details on how to proceed:

  • Registration for testing Harmony OS 2.0 beta – access

Finally, if you want to see the Harmony OS 2.0 beta in action, check out the video below where a Huawei P40 appears with the new operating system:


As you may have noticed, the interface is similar to EMUI 11 already used on Huawei devices, however Harmony OS will adapt to any screen size. For this, developers will be able to use more than 50 adaptive interface controls. Here’s how they will behave:


It is worth mentioning that it is advisable to make a backup if you want to install Harmony OS on your phone, since the rollback to EMUI 11 is possible, but it erases all personal data from the device.

To boost the creation of applications, Huawei also made official a competition that will reward developers with a total of 1.5 million CNY (~ R $ 1,175,966) in prizes.

According to Dr. Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei Consumer Business Software, Harmony OS will start to be made available for devices with up to 4GB of RAM in April 2021 and for devices with more than 4GB from October with full adoption for every Chinese devices by the end of next year.

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