Hard blow for Rockstar Games: GTA V source code leak and possible revelations about Bully 2

The world of video games has been rocked once again by a massive leak affecting Rockstar Games, the studio responsible for the iconic Grand Theft Auto series.

After the latest rumors and leaks surrounding the highly anticipated GTA VI The complete source code for its predecessor GTA 5 and possibly more has appeared online.

The leaked details include some interesting information such as: a file related to Bully 2, the long-rumored sequel to the popular action-adventure gameReleased between Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto 4, S. Bully offers a similar gaming experience but in a new setting with new missions, characters and activities.

The fanbase has been eagerly awaiting the sequel to Bully and this leak suggests that Rockstar Games may have been secretly working on Bully 2 for a while.

In addition to Bully 2, the leak includes, among other things:An early GTA 5 map and script confirming that GTA 6 was once known as “Project Americas.”

YouTuber SKizzleAXE shared a screenshot of the code that seemingly confirms the leak. Additionally, a fan named “Agent” also shared code and some images of the RAGE engine on X/Twitter, although these posts have since been deleted.


Unfortunately, we don’t know how this leak occurred. However, there is evidence that the GTA 5 code has been leaked on Discord. There are also rumors that all code has been privately shared between individuals since 2022.

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This incident is a huge blow to Rockstar. Not only is this a valuable leaked asset, but it could also cause technical issues and even delays in upcoming games like GTA 6.

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