Hamilton is caught in full negotiation with Ferrari: there is a pilot left over

The Italian squad wants the English driver who is not comfortable at Mercedes

It is no secret to anyone that since 2021 something changed in Mercedes and in lewis hamiltonreason for which now the pilot sounds for Ferrari. The transfer market in Formula 1 always begins to move around these times and there are more and more comments about this.

A well-known English media outlet assured that the Ferrari team is planning an offer for the 7-time world champion, Lewis Hamilton. There is talk of 50 million euros per seasonbut the question immediately arises as to what would happen to the current pilots, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

hamilton ferrari
The Briton is getting closer and closer to Ferrari

This has been the irresistible offer from Ferrari to Lewis Hamilton

The option of a change of Hamilton for Leclerc is rushed as an alternative that Ferrari would handle to negotiate with Mercedes. Of course, everything would depend on the real intentions of Lewis, who has the decision against his current team. Remember that the British contract expires at the end of the season.

But the big problem is his salary, since the Mercedes team would offer him to renew but with a drop in salary. Lewis Hamilton would not like this situation very much, which is why other teams would be drawing a lot of attention and Ferrari entered the list.

The Briton ends his contract with the German brand at the end of the year

However, the fact that Leclerc and Sainz have a contract until 2024 complicates everything in the only team that could offer him something better. Aston MartĂ­n is happy with Alonso and Stroll is the son of the owner of the team, which is why his departure is not even considered.

Red Bull is no place for Hamilton either, which is why all options go towards Ferrari. It will be a matter of time to know If it is just comments or if, on the contrary, it is nothing more than some pressure to speed up the agreement with the team with better conditions.

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