Haiti extradites to the US four suspects in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise

US authorities have reported that Haiti has extradited four men suspected of involvement in the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

The United States Department of Justice has announced that the men, three Haitian-Americans and one Colombian, will testify this Wednesday in a Florida court for conspiring to commit murder or kidnapping, providing material support and resources resulting in death, and smuggling estate.

Specifically, James Solages and Christian Sanon would have met in South Florida, United States, to discuss the change of government in Haiti, showing their support for a new candidate. Solages shared with Sanon a list of equipment and weapons needed for the executive change, including rifles, machine guns, tear gas, ammunition, and other weapons.

Subsequently, Sanon hired the necessary equipment to support his forces. "private military" in Haiti, which consisted of about twenty Colombian citizens with military training.

In June 2021, Solages and two other defendants, Joseph Vincent and Germán Alejandro Rivera García, tried to arrest the then president to take him on a plane to an unknown place, a plan that did not go ahead due to the lack of necessary weapons, it says. the statement from the Department of Justice.

Solages, Vincent and Rivera, along with more people, met in a house near the residence of the head of state on July 6, 2021, where they distributed the weapons and announced the mission. A day later, on July 7, several people entered the president’s house and killed him.

After that, the Haitian authorities arrested them, and they were detained in Haitian facilities until their extradition, reports the letter from the US government.

In the event that justice finds them guilty, three of the defendants They will face life in prison.while the third he faces up to 20 years in prison.

With this extradition, there are a total of seven people in US custody, charged for their role in the Möise assassination.

On July 7, 2021, about twenty people broke into the home of the then Haitian president, where they met with little resistance from the security team, killing Möise and they injured his wife, Martine Moise.

Since the Möise assassination, the power vacuum it aggravated the country’s turbulent political and economic situation into a security crisis, with murders and kidnappings on a daily basis.

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