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Guardiola wants to sign Rodrygo

The Brazilian attacker’s masterful football performance aroused great interest in the first quarter-final game from the Catalan coach.

He Real Madrid – Manchester City Thanks to performances like this, it was perhaps the best game of the Champions League quarter-finals Rodrygo. And that’s it The Brazilian winger was one of the standout players in the game that ended 3-3. An exquisite commitment worthy of a crucial phase in such a prestigious tournament.

Rodrygo was responsible for the second goal with which the Meringue set took a partial lead (2:1). But throughout his time on the field (72 minutes), he was responsible for dismantling the team’s solid defense Citizens paint. In fact, every time the Carioca took the ball, Guardiola he took his head.

EGD Real Madrid
Guardiola was mesmerized by Rodrygo’s performance in the quarter-final match.

The City coach puts Rodrygo’s name on his agenda

If you asked the former Barcelona player whether he would sign the South American striker or not, the answer would be a resounding yes. Of course, it doesn’t discredit the work of his offensive players like Bernardo Silva, Kevin de Bruyne, Phil Foden or Erling Haaland himself. But in the near future he would like to use the services of the former Santos.

In the global market valuation, Rodrygo has a base price of 100 million euros, but his clause has another zero. So much Florentino and Ancelotti consider the Brazilian not transferable because he represents Real Madrid in sports.. They even put him on a relevant pedestal alongside players like Vinicius Jr.

Manchester City’s formula to get Rodrygo

At this moment, the Rio attacker is an integral part of Carlo Ancelotti’s tactical plan. Her trident consists of Vini on the left, Bellingham in the middle, and Osasco on the right. But this formation could change in the 2024/25 season with the arrival of a new striker. We’re talking about the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé.

With the arrival of the French attacker, the madridistas’ offensive figure at the top would change slightly. Vinicius and the England striker would still be in the starting XI, but the former Monaco player would come in instead of Rodrygo. This means that the Brazilian’s role would become secondary, something he would not tolerate. This is where Manchester City would come to the rescue.

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