GrndPaGaming, the 71-year-old veteran who triumphs in video games

The 71-year-old war veteran is making waves on social media for his great video game skills.

GrndPaGaming has managed to show that it is never too late to learn and fully enjoy all kinds of experiences; but for him Video game They became a great source of distraction and entertainment.

It all started in 2015 when he was left alone in a game and faced two outstanding players, whom he ended up defeating after playing on the computer for several years.

That was the trigger for his story in the world of Video game went viral and now has more than 1.3 million followers on TikTok and around 120,000 subscribers on YouTube.

In this way, this grandfather likes to play Battlegrounds, Battlefield 2042, Armored Warfare, Doom, The Division, Fallout 4, League of Legends, The Witcher 3, World of Tanks” and “World of Warships”.

However, if I had to choose a video game, I would choose Wing Commander: Privateer.

But his love for video games began many years ago when he was bored on the ship USS Ajax.

The truth is that in 2015 he decided to broadcast his games live and from then on he started to become known in the gaming world.

His ability to play video games surprised more than one person and many understood that his military experience was the key to it.

And he demonstrated this in several videos in which, as a sniper, he managed to eliminate several opponents with great precision.

From serving in the Navy to fighting in video games

The GrndPaGaming veteran didn’t want to reveal his name but is already known for his great skills in various fighting games.

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His more than 20 years of experience in the US Navy undoubtedly gave him the foundation of great skills in strategy and shooting games.

The American has been married twice, has a daughter and two grandchildren and in his free time is also an amateur astronomer, enjoys cooking and collecting shells from all over the world.


20-year-old veteran grandpa shoots 3 players on a roof in #battlefield #grndpagaming #fypppppppppppppppppppppp #battlefield2042 #sniper

♬ Original sound – GrndPaGaming – GrndPaGaming

However, this grandfather not only had to face tough battles in the world Video game but also in his own life with cancer.

“I have been a prostate cancer survivor for over ten years and am now suffering the side effects of the medications I have to take and the radiation treatments I have undergone,” he said on his page.

In addition, he is disabled due to an injury, has a plate in his neck and his right hand does not function properly and he has no feeling from the shoulder down.

“Try competing without sensitivity in your hands and you will see how far you can go in a game… My heart goes out to our military men and women, their families and my deep appreciation for all first responders,” he says in his Letter profile.

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