Home World Great news for Pakistanis who want to go to Europe

Great news for Pakistanis who want to go to Europe

Great news for Pakistanis who want to go to Europe

Britain has opened the doors of immigration to skilled workers from all over the world including Pakistan.

According to the report of Kuwait Urdu News, according to the official post, Britain is currently facing a severe shortage of manpower due to which the laws have been changed.

For the first time, 226 categories of people have been added to immigration for the first time, according to the official UK post, and the minimum wage in the UK has also been increased for all categories.

The new categories will hire people from a wide range of fields like actors, musicians, scientists and others. Also, instructors, railway station assistants, veterinary doctors, tailors, air hostesses, cabin crew, academics, aircraft engineers, working in NGOs and having relevant experience in state agencies are now looking for jobs in UK. Can apply.

The post states that students in the UK can also benefit from the post-study work facility.

In this regard, it is clarified in the post that the salaries for highly qualified skilled workers will be increased by 20%, the visa fee for the approved manpower shortage category has also been reduced.

According to the official notification, 31 categories have been allocated under the category of manpower shortage.

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