Great facility for Kuwaiti passport holders

According to the Kuwaiti media, 48 countries have provided the possibility of obtaining visas on arrival to Kuwaiti passport holders.
Kuwaiti citizens will be able to enter these countries through their passports and obtain visas on arrival.

These countries include 9 European, 6 Asian, 4 African, 12 American, 14 Arab, 3 Australian, and neighboring countries.

Kuwaiti passport holders will receive visas upon entering their countries through ports or embassies.

Registration of the passport number has been made mandatory in the Corona Vaccination Certificate. The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has ordered that to avoid problems during the trip, it is mandatory to change the passport number on the vaccination certificate.

Citizens and immigrants who have renewed their passports after receiving the required doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been instructed to contact the Musharraf Kuwait Vaccination Center to have their passport number changed on the vaccination certificate. Go to the “Ask Me” counter.

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