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Google Pixel Tablet 2023 is the perfect new smart home device

The North American technology company announced its product portfolio for the end of 2022 and a good part of 2023. In addition to the new Pixel 7 smartphones, we actually have a new and versatile Android tablet, the elegant Google Pixel tablet.

We have a new tablet with a 10.95-inch screen, the new Tensor G2 processor and its own magnetic charging base, the Charging Speaker Dock, which, by the way, also works as a support and smart speaker.

This is the new tablet and Smart Display Google Pixel Tablet (2023)

Tablets are in the house 80% of the day, so we set out to reinvent what a tablet can be.#GooglePixelTablet + Charging speaker dock available in 2023¹ ✨🎵 Enhanced audio🗣️ Hands-free support with #Google Assistant²🖼️ Dock Photo Showcase 🔋 Always Ready#MadeForGoogle¹,²Watch video for info pic.twitter.com/J3nScV0Evm

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 6, 2022

The new tablet was officially given the 2023 suffix, indicating that this will be one of the company’s flagship products for the coming year as well. In this sense, we have from the beginning with a construction in aluminum (recycled) and elder brother-Ceramic for durability and touch. premium.

By the way, according to Google itself, the sensation when touching the new Pixel Tablet (2023) is similar to the touch of porcelain. That is, a sensation of softness, solidity and freshness when picking up the product in question.

Tensor G2 is the “heart” of the new Google tablet

On the other hand, the company was very frivolous in its reference to the technical specifications of the tablet itself. We know that this one has a large screen, approximately 10.95 inches diagonally, but little else.

Google Pixel 2023 Tablet
General appearance of the Google Pixel Tablet 2023 tablet.

The exception here is the reference to the company’s new processors, the Tensor G2, the second generation chipset. According to the manufacturer, the user experience will be more fluid than ever, with a high-level Android experience and a large screen.

However, many of the unique features of this processor -Tensor G2- dedicated to the camera will not be present in the tablet in question due to its meager camera configuration.

Smart Display with its own base and speaker for the IoT home

The new Google Pixel Tablet 2023 can be used as a conventional Android tablet, for the most varied purposes of entertainment, or even productivity. However, it shows (even) more in your element when used as the center of the Smart Home.

That is, being on its dedicated charging base, which includes a speaker of considerable dimensions, the charging speaker base. As its name suggests, this is its charging base, with magnetic support and in which we also have a more powerful speaker.

Thus, combined with the charging/speaker base, the Tablet becomes a perfect Hub to control other equipment and gadgets synchronized with the smart home.

Perfect tablet to use at home as an IoT control center

In short, this charging dock with speaker charges the tablet through wirelessor wireless charging, keeping it active as a home IoT connectivity and control hub, and also serving as a “home” for the ubiquitous Google Assistant.

The tablet connects to the charging dock similar to Apple’s MagSafe. That is, it is enough to touch the tablet with its base so that it quickly connects to it.

The new ambassador, with Android 13 on the big screen

#GooglePixelTablet is the best way to experience #Android on a tablet. This includes Material You, so you can fully customize it with a custom color palette and new color variants based on your wallpaper and lock screens. #MadeForGoogle pic.twitter.com/ARrRGqVGmm

—Android (@Android) October 6, 2022

The Pixel Tablet will have several applications adapted to the big screen. This is the promise of Google, which revealed to be in contact with several programmers with the same purpose.

We also have support for the Stylus, or pen, although the company has not mentioned whether we have any accessories of this category in the box itself in the box of the tablet.

Finally, Google did not specify the date of arrival on the market of the Pixel Tablet, nor did it reveal the complete technical data sheet of this new product.

thanks for joining #MadeForGoogle#pixel7#pixel7 Pro#GooglePixelWatch#PixelBuds Pro#GooglePixelTablet (2023)¹ – A growing portfolio to understand your needs and make your life easier. Learn more on the Google Store: https://t.co/uJEC2zgFT9¹See image for information pic.twitter.com/7bOI0SN9cP

— Made by Google (@madebygoogle) October 6, 2022

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