Google Pixel Fold has the best display currently available according to DxOMark

The Pixel Fold is Google’s first foldable smartphone and it looks like the search giant was pretty successful on its first try.

DxOMark tested the equipment and, surprisingly, it came in first place in the platform’s ranking as the best display currently available on the market.

DxOMark ranks the Google Pixel Fold screen as the best on the market

Image of Google Pixel Fold
In May of this year, Google introduced its first foldable smartphone Pixel Fold. Credit@Google

In May of this year, Google introduced its first foldable smartphone to the world. A month later, the model shows its potential by winning first place in the display ranking of the reputable DxOMark platform.

Google’s foldable reached first place in the Ultra Premium ranking as well as in the world ranking of the well-known platform, with a score of 151 points that surpassed all the smartphones present in the position table.

The DxOMark platform praised the display’s color reproduction when placed in various lighting environments. On the other hand, the excellent HDR10 video experience provided by the model was also highlighted, in addition to good brightness levels in most conditions.

But despite the fact that it achieved first place in the ranking of screens, regarding the ranking of cameras, the story is told in a different way. With its score of 133 points, the Pixel Fold currently ranks 28th in the DxOMark platform camera ranking.

A curious fact is that Google’s foldable managed to achieve maximum success on the DxOMark platform after some users reported screen-related issues that are causing the panel to malfunction.

Apparently, during tests of the well-known platform, the Pixel Fold did not show any problems with its now highly praised screen.

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