Home Tech Google Pixel 7a surprises DxOMark in display performance

Google Pixel 7a surprises DxOMark in display performance

Google Pixel 7a surprises DxOMark in display performance

The screen is one of the most important components when buying a smartphone. And it seems that Google has done its homework with the latest mid-range, the Pixel 7a. At least according to DxOMark experts.

The newly released smartphone has already passed the usual DxOMark screen tests. And it received a respectable 140 points. This places it in the 11th position in the world ranking and in the first position in the “High-End” ranking.

He @Google #pixel7a it is a good device for indoor use, providing adequate readability along with very good color rendering and smoothness. 📱 👀 The #DXOMARK product review #GooglePixel7a: pic.twitter.com/S4o7huVjXk

— DXOMARK (@DXOMARK) May 17, 2023

It had the same score as the “brother” Pixel 7 or the rival iPhone 14 Plus that costs more than twice the price. Obviously, it falls short of the leaders in this dispute, which are the iPhone 14 Pro Max (149) and the Honor Magic5 Pro (151).

Strengths of the Google Pixel 7a screen

  • Good color rendering in all lighting conditions.
  • Smoothness when playing and browsing the browser
  • Good handling of video frame drops

Points to improve on the Google Pixel 7a screen

  • Outdoor photos lack brightness
  • Darker tones lack detail when consuming videos with HDR10
  • From the side, the screen shows rainbow artifacts.

The device is presented as good for indoor use, with good readability, good rendering and smoothness. It reaches the same rating as the Pixel 7, thanks to colors and better touch performance. But it loses to it in readability, video, and artifact management.

Check the DxOMark official website for more details

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