Home Tech Google launches a tool to create images from AI

Google launches a tool to create images from AI

Google launches a tool to create images from AI

In the event Google Marketing Livethe tech giant introduced Product Studio, a tool that will help merchants easily create unique product images using generative AI. To access the tool, brands will have to enter Merchant Center Next, Google’s platform for companies to manage how their products are displayed on Google.

In it release explain that product studio will help companies easily create unique product images for free and get more value from the images they already have. In this way, brands can save the cost of photo sessions and reduce the time of this process, because they will be able to have the images practically instantly.

What utilities does Product Studio have?

Product Studio has several utilities, it’s not just for creating images. One of the main features is the ability to add scenes to products, in this way, greater customization is achieved. For example, a skin care company could highlight a special seasonal version of a product by requesting an image of the product.”surrounded by peaches, with tropical plants in the background«. In the winter season you could add another type of setting with more winter inspiration.

Another of its functions is background removal. For example, for product pages, it is often preferred to use a plain background, so that the product stands out. In addition, the tool also allows you to improve the resolution of the imagesthus avoiding the company to take a picture of the product again.

US merchants can access Product Studio starting in the coming months. These features will also be available to merchants using the Google app and YouTube on Shopify.

A new Merchant Center

Merchant Center is the platform used by brands to manage the products displayed on Google Shopping. Google has made improvements to the platform, now known as Merchant Center Next, which offers a simpler version. This allows small businesses to start selling online and easily connect with consumers.

The new update modifies the configuration of the feed of products to make it even easier. Previously, merchants setting up on Google for the first time had to manually add their products, prices, images, descriptions, and other details. Merchant Center Next now allows this process to be done automatically, so a merchant’s product feed is populated with only the information they can pull from your website, making it easy to quickly display their products on Google.

They are also making it easier for traders to access and understand their performance by including all information reports in the Performance tab. This gives merchants one place to review their top sellers, which businesses are showing next to theirs, and even how shoppers are interacting with their local business on Search and Maps.

In addition, merchants with both online and physical stores will be able to have a complete view of their stock, so it will be easier for them to manage product inventory. They will also show which errors are most important to correct so that the actions to prioritize are clear at all times.

Merchant Center Next has already begun rolling out to new users and will reach more users in the coming months until it completes its global rollout in 2024.

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