Home Tech Google has given millions of users a reason to abandon Chrome

Google has given millions of users a reason to abandon Chrome

Google has given millions of users a reason to abandon Chrome

In an explosive editorial, The register issued a stern warning to all Chrome users about the changes Google is making to the browser.

According to the newspaper, these changes will break the main features of the site. And there’s nothing you can do about it but wait.

“Part of the amazing thing about the web is that you can still go to the first page of the web and view it in any browser” explains Scott Gilbertson of The Register. “But when the web developer community learns through a tweet that Google is going to break many sites, you know that communication has failed.”

The tweet Gilbertson is referring to came from software engineer and head of Chrome, Emily Stark, who revealed Google’s plans to stop supporting JavaScript alerts and dialog windows via third-party iframes.


This can affect many elements of the standard web browsing experience, especially embedded content, including YouTube videos.

In addition, Stark defended the measure saying that “Changes that break things happen frequently on the web” and It’s up to developers to adapt.


The Registry notes that “He is completely wrong” and qualify as “disturbing” and “creepy” the Chrome domain to enforce changes in how the web works.

Google, meanwhile, has promised to postpone its changes to iframes, although they keep coming – whether we like it or not – in January 2022.

This confirms that Chrome is now very dominant and influential and the future of the web. Your domain of the browser market – a 70 percent of users they use Chrome or a browser with the Chromium engine – it makes the web operation now in your hands.

“The web isn’t just a place for professional developers, it’s a place where anyone can build almost anything, and it’s certainly not a place where Chrome can dictate what tools we use or who can participate.”says Gilbertson. “The web is for everyone, not just developers.”

As for who is tempted to abandon Chrome, Gilbertson concludes: “Just a friendly reminder, Firefox is a great web browser.”

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