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Google considered buying “all or part” of Epic Games

Google considered buying Epic Games when the companies clashed over Epic’s Fortnite Android app, according to recently released court documents.

Last night, Google suspended some of its writings in Epic’s antitrust lawsuit against Google.

The complaint still omits many details, but reflects Google’s internal communications about competition on the Android platform.

Epic claims that Google was threatened by its plans to circumvent the Google Play Store commission by distributing Fortnite through other channels, and cites an internal Google document that calls Epic’s plans a “contagion” that threatens Google.

Internal messages discussing the possibility of purchase remain secret, and the complaint does not indicate that Google contacted Epic with these plans.

It also doesn’t give a deadline for discussion – although it probably came after Epic began plans to launch Fortnite on Android in 2018.

Epic also claimed that Google offered him a “special deal” to launch Fortnite on the Play Store. A Google Play manager contacted Epic about their Fortnite side-loading plans.

Another section says that “Team members recognized internally that the difficulty Google imposes on consumers who want to download directly leads to a poor user experience”as there are more than 15 steps to get the app [a través de la carga lateral] versus 2 steps with Play Store or iOS ».

Generally, “Google understands that the myriad barriers it erects to direct download have the effect of protecting its app distribution monopoly and limiting developers’ ability to distribute their apps.” Epic claims in their lawsuit.

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