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Google Chrome is the most popular browser, but beware of Microsoft’s Edge

EITHER Microsoft Internet Browserthe spiritual successor to Internet Explorer, now has 11% market share🇧🇷 The leader is the Google Chrome with more than 66% of market share, according to the metrics revealed by the Statcounter GlobalStats agency.

Even though Microsoft’s Edge ships with all Windows-powered machines, adoption of this browser is lukewarm at best. The path has been one of growth, that’s for sure, however, there is still a long way to go for this Edge.

Microsoft Edge is the solution present on PCs with Windows 11

Windows 11 Microsoft Edge

The browser has many features similar to Google Chrome and, in its favor, the fact that it comes installed on the Windows 11 operating system also plays a role. Factors that have undoubtedly contributed to its growth, with more users demonstrating their productivity and browsing capabilities quickly and safely over the Internet.

According to the most recent data from the statistics counter, Microsoft Edge surpassed 10% market share, having reached 11% last November. It is evidence of gradual growth, thus showing increased adoption.

The new data shows the gradual growth of Edge, without threatening the dominance of Google Chrome, or even the comfortable position of Apple’s Safari, which falls to third place. However, Microsoft’s solution is proving to be an increasingly interesting option.

Microsoft’s Edge surpassed Apple’s Safari and now ranks second

Given the above, according to StatCounter we have the following ranking of browsers:

  1. Google Chrome: 66.18% market share
  2. microsoft edge: 11.17%
  3. Safari of Apple:9.59
  4. Mozilla Firefox: 7.11%
  5. Opera: 3.29%

The above data refers to the month of November 2022 as the most recent metrics.

In short, we see that Microsoft’s proposal for Windows seems to be working. Initially discarded by many users and undoubtedly in the shadow of the popularity of Internet Explorer, its gradual growth is undeniable.

Among the factors that will have contributed to its growth will be its base on Chromium, with functions optimized for security, speed and productivity.

That said, its growth is commendable, differentiating itself from Apple’s Safari, which is good news for Microsoft at the end of the year.

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