Google Ads Shopping campaigns no longer use mCPC

Google continues to make changes in its advertising. The tech giant has had a year of changes and adjustments to its advertising offering. This time, he will again change the Google Shopping campaigns to follow the manual cost-per-click model starting in October.

Previously, Shopping campaigns used the improved cost-per-click (CPCm) model, which Google says works like this: “CPCm automatically adjusts manual bidding based on whether ad clicks are more or less likely to result in a sale or other conversion on your site«.

A change to be aware of as the last quarter of the year is the most important and we need to prepare our marketing campaign for the holiday season. Therefore, we must take into account that starting in October, Google Shopping campaigns will be carried out manually and this process will require more time for marketers.

From Google they explained that Change is motivated by the advancement of technology. The CPCm system was introduced 10 years ago and today there are new tools that enable better results.

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