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Golden State Warriors detect problem to trade Jordan Poole

Jordan Poole’s playoffs have been very disappointing, being one of the main people responsible for the elimination of the Golden State Warriors against the Los Angeles Lakers

After a great regular season in which Jordan Poole had averaged more than 20 points per game with Golden State Warriors At just 23 years old, the decisive moment of the season was coming. Like last year, in which he won the first ring of his career by averaging 17-plus points in the postseason, he was expected to play an essential role on Steve Kerr’s team.

This has been the case, because during the playoffs this season, the Milwaukee player has played more than 20 minutes per game. But the truth is that his production on the floor has been disappointing, being one of those responsible for the elimination against the Los Angeles Lakers. That is why Golden State Warriors are already exploring trade options for Jordan Poole.

Warriors review options to trade Jordan Poole
Jordan Poole, on the starting ramp

The problem of the Golden State Warriors to transfer Jordan Poole

After great first seasons with the Golden State Warriors, The franchise signed him to a four-year, $140 million contract.. A contract that will come into force as of this next season, in which he will receive 28 million dollars. A disproportionate amount for a player who has literally made a fool of himself in the playoffs.

The lousy postseason that he has completed with the Golden State Warriors reduces to a minimum jordan’s courage Poole. And it is that, despite being a young player with great projection and capable of averaging more than 20 points per game, many franchises doubt his consistency. That is why, at the moment, his value is at a low minimum.

The transfers that vanish to Golden State

Before the postseason began, there was talk of the interest of the Warriors in players like OG Anunoby or Pascal Siakam. However, at the moment they are impossible options for Golden State, since the value of Jordan Poole at the moment is ridiculous, since no franchise wants a player who has just completed some ridiculous playoffs and who has a long-term contract for a real pastureland.

So, except surprise, Golden State Warriors will not trade Jordan Poole during the summer. The most feasible option at the moment is to keep him during the regular season while waiting for his value to grow again. Once this occurs, they will examine the options available on the market. In this way, it will be the management that determines whether to transfer him or continue to trust his projection.

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