David goldar, defense of the UD Ibiza, affirms that from the first moment in the squad they are “aware of the difficulty” of the LaLiga SmartBank competition, so they do not want to dramatize after the two consecutive defeats suffered. “We knew the long road ahead”, says the Galician footballer, who also makes it clear that the win (5-1) and the image offered in Cartagena “It cannot be repeated.” He trusts that they can change the dynamics because he points out that Ibiza is a “very solid, very strong and supportive team”, and they want to make up for it against Mirandés, which they receive this Sunday at 2:00 p.m. in Can misses.

He believes that those of Miranda de Ebro will pose “a very complicated game”, like “all of the Second”. “I think Mirandés is a very young team, very dynamic, that has a lot of talent and quality. But I think that, with our block, with all our weapons we will try to stop them and seek victory at home,” he adds.

Goldar argues that the note that the team should receive, after the days played, “is positive”, despite the last two setbacks. “The team is adapting to the category. Little by little the new teammates are adapting to the team and this makes it increasingly solid and has more resources. The team is convinced that it will be a long and hard road. I think which is a very solid block, very strong and supportive. Together we can achieve the objectives that we set ourselves “, indicates the defense of the celestial.

Emblem / Flag UD Ibiza-Eivissa

“What is going to make us achieve the goal is the strength of the team, the automatisms that we are capable of adapting, how the squad works as a whole, how many players we are capable of fighting for the same idea, of being connected to it. idea that the míster has… That is the way. I believe that the team shows its face. Despite having lost this match [el de Cartagena], which is to turn the page, we have all stood out “, he adds.

With respect to the fans of Ibiza, points out that it is “the host”. “They are super honest people,” says the defender. “They are always polite, they behave very well, they respect us a lot and it is a very honest hobby. They are always receptive to supporting the team, and what we have to do, at the very least, is to give them back that honesty on the pitch. We are here. together and we hope to enjoy a great year in the Second Division, “he says.


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