Gmail: Get Ready for Even More Annoying Ads in Your Inbox

Gmail has started showing more annoying ads in the middle of some users’ inboxes.

Several screenshots posted on Twitter show promotional messages mixed with real emails on the web from Gmail, and users are not very happy about it.

Although Gmail has been placing ads at the top of section inboxes for a long time promotions It is Socialbut he never dared insert them between messages.

The new positioning makes it even more confusing to distinguish between real emails and advertisements., even though the ads show a small green icon next to them. It’s not clear if this is a test or a phased release.


Additionally, in recent weeks, some users of the Gmail mobile app have also started seeing ads with unsightly full-size images in their inboxes.


In response to a user’s concerns about placing ads in the middle of the Twitter inbox, the official Gmail account vaguely said that “doesn’t sound good” and directed them to a support page that explains how ads work.

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