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Global warming: the government’s disaster scenario

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Three months of heat wave, each year, in the Mediterranean, two months in the north of France, tropical nights at more than 20°. This would be one of the consequences of global warming in 2100, according to the government, which retains a pessimistic scenario. Experts predict plus 3° worldwide, but plus 4° in France. Because for 30 years, the warming in Europe is more than twice higher than the average of the planet.

Measures planned by the government

And this warming will lead to a wave of violent climatic episodes. From 2050, multiplication of forest fires, cyclones, heat islands, but also floods, submersion of coasts, floods and decreases in snow cover. For François Gemenne, a specialist in global warming, it is high time to prepare for this change, with works, the modification of economic activities and “Better Prepare for Disasters”. The government is working on a water plan to better manage and use this scarce resource. There is also a heat wave plan, to anticipate and protect against them, and measures for emerging risks in the mountains, such as the destabilization of glaciers.

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