Girona FC plans to cover Riquelme’s goodbye with a bomb transfer from FC Barcelona

The 22-year-old footballer will return to Atlético de Madrid after his successful loan, so the Catalan club has no choice but to go to the market to find a replacement.

Míchel has not only managed to get the recently promoted team to a comfortable position in the Santander League, but he has also taken great advantage of his young players, who have multiplied his market value. One of oneThe clearest examples in the Girona F.C. It’s of riquelmewho has become one of the championship sensations due to his excellent level of play.

The midfielder has amazed the fans with his great quality with the ball and his great strike, giving us some of the best goals of the season. However, despite his potential, Girona FC is aware that they will not be able to retain Riquelme beyond next summer, as the footballer will have to return to his club of origin.

Ilias Akhomach also has Sevilla FC in his footsteps

Girona FC is already working on the arrival of Riquelme’s replacement

As reflected in his contract, Riquelme will have to return to Atlético de Madrid at the end of this season. Aware of this situation, The sports management of Girona FC is already working on the signing of a new footballer similar profile. And everything indicates that he could also arrive from a great Spanish club.

In this case, the footballer in whom Girona FC has been interested is a member of the FC Barcelona youth academy. He is a footballer of enormous quality who is captain of the Spanish under-19 team. We are talking about Ilias Akhomach, who for the moment has not renewed his contract with the Barcelona team and who could leave for free at the end of the season.

Ilias Akhomach, with several teams following his steps

Due to his extraordinary level at the age of 18 and his contractual situation, several teams in the Santander League are interested in hiring him. He Girona FC is one of the closest to Ilias Akhomachalso being one of the best destinations that the footballer could choose, since it has been shown that Míchel can express his full potential.

Of course, they are not the only interested parties, as we have also learned that he Sevilla F.C. is after his steps. Be that as it may, we will have to keep waiting to see how everything evolves in these coming months. What is clear is that Ilias Akhomach is moving further and further away from FC Barcelona, ​​as he is aware of the enormous competition that exists in the first team and prefers to head towards a team where he has more opportunities.

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