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Girl dies in pool pipe; Family sues for $1 million

Pool where a girl died because of the whistle.

In a “preventable” accident, Aliyah Lynette Jaico, an 8-year-old girl, died at the Double Tree Hotel northwest of Houston, Texas be sucked into a pool pipe. The little girl’s family has filed a million-dollar lawsuit against the establishment for negligence.

According to Aliyah’s mother, Daniela Jaico Ahumada, they had reserved a room at the hotel on March 23 so that the girl could enjoy a day at the pool. But what promised to be a day of fun turned into tragedy when Aliyah was forcibly sucked into a 12- to 16-inch open space in the pool’s flow system, according to the lawsuit.

The incident occurred before 5 p.m., when Aliyah disappeared from the sight of her relatives. In desperation, her mother asked her to view the surveillance footage from the pool area, but her request was denied by the hotel. After the disappearance was reported to police, it was discovered that the girl had gone underwater but never resurfaced.

With the help of the Houston Fire Department and Texas EquuSearch, The pool was emptied and video cameras were installed in the pipes.where Aliyah’s body was finally found nearly five hours later.

The Houston Health Department shared an inspection report uncovered at least 10 violations at the Double Tree Hotel pool. Among these, the presence of 32-inch drainage channels on the walls of the pool stands out, for which there is no clear documentation explaining their operation, which constitutes a serious violation.

In light of this tragedy, authorities have asked the hotel to close the pool while the relevant investigation is carried out. The community hopes for clear answers and justice for Aliyah, whose life was cut short by a preventable accident.


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