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German factory explosion claims sixth victim

The detonation was heard up to forty kilometers around on July 27 and caused a huge column of black smoke … A week later, the results of the explosion of a waste treatment plant in the Chempark industrial area of ​​Leverkusen were made heavier.

A sixth victim was found in the rubble, the Cologne prosecutor’s office announced on Wednesday.

An employee of this site is still missing even if there is no hope of finding him alive, company officials said in recent days.

A week after this incident, which also left 31 injured, investigations continue to find out the cause. This explosion happened in the Chempark industrial zone which is home to many chemical factories. Tanks containing chlorinated solvents caught fire at the Currenta company’s waste treatment center.

Then the large particles fell back into the surroundings after the explosion. On Friday, however, the local authorities had wanted to reassure after the first analyzes of chemical particles dispersed in the environment, in particular the levels of dioxins and PCBs whose rates were considered “not critical”.

While awaiting further analysis, they had advised the population of this city of approximately 165,000 inhabitants to continue to observe precautionary measures: do not consume fruits and vegetables from the garden, and prevent children from coming into contact with these particles, especially in the city’s playgrounds. .

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