German citizenship was closed, what was the reason?

Berlin: A record speed has been seen in the granting of citizenship to foreigners in Germany, are Pakistanis also included?

According to the German Statistics Office, more than one and a half million foreigners were granted German citizenship last year, which is the largest number in the last twenty years. Gone.

According to the statistics office, Germany has a total of 168,000 citizens per citizen, if seen in terms of ratio, it is 28% more than 2,022.

According to the data, Syrian refugees are among the highest number of German citizens, 48,300 people were granted citizenship in the last year and a half, which is 29% more than 2,022.

After Syria, Turkish citizens are second in number to obtain German citizenship, with 14,200 people of Turkish background accepting offers of German citizenship.

This is followed by people from Iraq, who number 6,800. Next on the list is currently war-torn Ukraine, whose 5,800 citizens have been granted German citizenship.

In November last year, the German government decided to reform the rules for obtaining German citizenship.

It should be noted that dual citizenship is not allowed in Germany. Until now, citizens of any other country in the world except Switzerland and the European Union must give up their previous citizenship to get German citizenship. However, there are some exemptions in this law. was also kept.

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