Geran conquers the second stage in a row; Sanabria is the new leader

For the second day in a row, Ronald Geran took the main awards in the celebration this Friday of the fourth stage of the 44th edition of the Independence Cycling Tour, a competition held on the Santo Domingo-Monte Plata-Nagua-San Francisco de Macorís route, on which had a wide route of 205 kilometers.

Geran, who competes for the CSCA Sad Proprete 2000, stayed until the final two kilometers of the race as part of a breakaway that had occurred in the last part of the stage.

Then, with one kilometer remaining, he managed to break away from the small lot, quickly went alone and there was no way for his pursuers to catch him in order to finish in first position for the second date in a row.

Geran, a native of Guadalupe, had his main opponents in César Sanabria and Daniel Estévez when he reached the finish line, in the event that has a special dedication to Milton Ray Guevara, president of the Constitutional Court.

The cyclist covered the 205 kilometers in a time of 4 hours: 15 minutes and 53 seconds, with which he prevailed over Sanabria, from Venezuela País Futuro, who arrived five seconds later; Estevez, of the Miami Blazers, was third; Cristopher Morales, from Team la Vega finished in fourth; Guiterme Gaboriaud, from Team Frances Club was fifth and César Marte, from Aero Cycling Team finished sixth.

Sanabria new leader

Once again, the 44th edition of the Cycling Tour presents a new leader and this time it belongs to Sanabria, who accumulates 15:07;50 and registers 10 seconds ahead of Edgar Cadena, from Inteja/Imca, the third step belongs to Néstor Rueda, from Iowa Latino Cycling, 13 seconds away; CSCA Sad Proprete 2000’s Mathews Pellegrin went from first to fourth at 16 seconds and Luis Mora is fifth at 19.

The test left this Thursday from the BanReservas tower on Winston Churchill Avenue.

team classification   

After finishing the fourth stage, the team general is still dominated by Venezuela País Futuro with 45:28;54 hours, being seconded by Iowa Latino Cycling with a difference of 1:58 minutes; JB Calzado Power is third at 3:07 minutes; CSCA Sad Proprete is fourth at 5:42 minutes. The most outstanding team in the fourth stage was Venezuela País Futuro, who had a record of 14:17;54 hours.

Other classifications

In the points test he continues to dominate, Daniel Estévez with 60 and is seconded by Sanabria, who has 58; Geran has 54. In flying goals, Luis Gómez dominates with 17; Nestor Rueda has 12 and Cadena has 7.

In the mountains, he was at the forefront, Cadena with 13 points; Sosa adds 11; Daniel Bonilla adds 10. In the sub 23, Sosa registers 15: 09, 32, Jhonny Sales has a time of 15: 09, 35 and Rafael Hernández exhibits his journey in 15: 11, 36.


The best Dominicans are Estévez with 15:09;18 hours, followed by Polanco, who has 15:09:46; Erlin García 15:12;12, while Joel García has fourth place with 15:13;20.

Saturday stage

The fifth stage of the Cycling Tour will start this Saturday from Santiago and will cover Navarrete- Puerto Plata- La Cumbre- Santiago. The distance to travel will be 136.5 kilometers.

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