Gaza calls for an end to the distribution of humanitarian aid from planes

The authorities in the Gaza Strip denounce that this type of aid poses a real danger to starving citizens. Twelve people drowned while trying to access food parcels dropped from a plane onto one of the Strip’s beaches. And that is so necessary Many jumped into the sea without knowing how to swim.

Spain has completed the delivery of 26 tons of humanitarian aid and 11,000 food rations to the Gaza Strip. Thanks to a joint effort by the Foreign and Defense Ministries, humanitarian aid has already arrived.

The death toll in almost six months is close 32,500, as the United Nations warns that there are reasonable grounds to believe that Israeli troops are committing genocide in Gaza. “After nearly six months of relentless Israeli assault on the occupied Gaza Strip, my only duty is to report the worst that humanity is capable of. And present my findings: the anatomy of a genocide.”laments Francesca Albanese, UN rapporteur on Palestinian human rights.

The ceasefire called for by the UN Security Council this week has so far failedbecause Israel, among other things, continues the siege of Al-Shifa Hospital, where it suspects that more Hamas terrorists are hiding.

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