Gasoline: E85 superethanol is popular

Authorized in France by the government in December 2017, the installation of an E85 conversion box on vehicles has made significant progress this year, in correlation with inflation affecting other types of fuels.

With an average price estimated at 68 euro cents per liter, E85 superethanol is more than half the price of all other fuels on the French market due to lower taxation.

With 12 million hectoliters each year, France is the leading European producer of this fuel, produced from corn, wheat and sugar beet.

Each year, the savings achieved are of the order of 600 euros for 13,000 kilometers traveled with an engine using E85 superethanol, composed of 85% bioethanol and 15% gasoline.

An installation between 800 and 1,500 euros

Mandatory carried out by an approved garage, the installation of an E85 conversion box costs between 800 and 1,500 euros depending on the type of vehicle. According to The echoes, 115,000 cars are now equipped with this system in France, on a total market of 11 million gasoline vehicles.

“We have 50% to see 60% more demand than usual,” said Alexandre Spindler, mechanic in Essonne, at the microphone of CNEWS.

According to the National Union of Agricultural Alcohol Producers (SNPAA), 420,000 cubic meters of Superethanol-E85 have been sold in France since the start of the year.

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