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Garmin Vívomove Trend hits the market with a price below 350 euros and wireless charging

Garmin has just launched the new Vívomove Trend smartwatch on the market that comes at a price of less than 350 euros.

With a classic analog design, the new smartwatch supports wireless charging and provides compatibility with Android and iOS operating systems.

Garmin Vívomove Trend with autonomy of up to five days

Garmin Vivomove Trend
The Garmin Vívomove Trend is now available for purchase on the Portuguese website of the Crédito@Garmin brand

Garmin has just released a new smartwatch globally. Vívomove Trend hits the market with several features, including smart notifications that allow users to receive or reply to text messages, new emails, social media updates, and more.

The new smartwatch is equipped with Bluetooth and GPS, and one of the features related to this latest technology allows you to send a message with the exact location of the user to selected contacts. Additionally, it supports wireless charging and provides a battery life of up to five days of moderate use.

In terms of health-oriented features, the model boasts heart rate monitoring, stress levels, blood oxygen levels, and sleep quality monitoring as well.

Especially dedicated to women, the new Vívomove Trend also has an entire area dedicated to monitoring women’s health.

Regarding sports resources, the smart watch motivates and monitors various physical activities such as yoga, running, walking, cycling, among others. Another advantage is that it allows you to create activity profiles with the aforementioned modalities.

Thanks to the integration of GPS, Vívomove Trend manages to be very precise in its tracking of distance, pace and speed, while you walk, run or bike outdoors.

Garmin Vívomove Trend Price and Availability

The new Garmin Vívomove Trend smartwatch is now available on the brand’s national website for sale to the public. The model is available with a stainless steel dial in four color options: Cream Gold, Slate Grey, Peach Gold, and Mist Grey.

All these models cost 329.99 euros and can be purchased through the brand’s Portuguese website.

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