The Welsh star wants to stay in Madrid for next season

The story between the Welsh attacker Gareth Bale and the real Madrid is about to end, but the player wants to stay in the Spanish capital and that’s why he wants to dress up Athletic. This would have been confirmed by the right-handed winger’s environment, which revealed that the player’s agent met with the sports director mattress.

It all happened in a distinguished restaurant in Madridin which Bale’s representatives dined with Andrea Bertha to talk specifically about the operation. Although in past months the option for the former Tottenham playing with the red and white jersey was very viable, the Italian manager replied that Simeone is not interested in adding the player to his squad.

Athletic Ball
Although Bale did not count for Ancelotti, the player does not lose pace since on June 5 his team will face his last rival to reach Qatar 2022.

Atlético formally rejects the signing of Bale

According to several important media outlets in Madrid, including COPE, Atlético’s sporting director responded to Bale’s offer. “We appreciate the offer but he is not a player that comes into our plans.” With this, any option is ruled out for the fast attacker to put on the elastic Colchonera, and score goals in the Wanda.

Other information from the Welshman’s environment affirms that his agents also met with some important directors of Rayo Vallecano. Although there are no official answers, this shows that Bale truly wants to stay in Madrid, so it is not uncommon for the footballer’s representatives to also meet with Getafe.

After Atlético’s no, Bale contemplates his official retirement

Although 32 years is not the age for football retirement, Gareth Bale considers that it is time to hang up his boots if he does not get a team for this summer market. The attacker who cost Real Madrid 100 million euros in his day is a good option for any team. His agent thinks so and that’s why they look there and here.

The truth is that if the Welsh team does not qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, their sports retirement will be a fact. This has been stated by his environment, and this is how the footballer intends to execute it. Let us remember that the British team expects a rival between Ukraine and Scotland, a match that will be played on June 1, and the winner will face Bale and his teammates 5 days later.


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