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Garbajosa can be this Saturday president of FIBA ​​Europe

Jorge Garbajosa can become this Saturday the president of FIBA Europe, what would make him start in Spanish with a more relevant position in the history of basketball. The still president of the FEB He is one of the candidates for the position, to which he aspires together with the French Jean Pierre Siutat64 years old, his counterpart in the French federation.

The decision will be made during the day by the Assembly of FIBA Europe in Munich, which will last until 4:00 p.m. The presidents of the 50 national federations will vote. Garbajosa, as a candidate, must delegate his vote, which will be executed by the general secretary, Gabriel Rodriguez de la Paz. Before the election, Elisa Aguilar will be in charge of presenting Garbajosa as a candidate. Although there is no official confirmation, the legend Tony Parker could do that of Jean-Pierre-Siutat. Whoever obtains 26 or more votes will be proclaimed president. In the event of a tie, a second round would be held, and so on until a tie breaker.

Should he become the new president of FIBA Europe, Jorge Garbajosa would have to leave the presidency of the FEB before the start on August 25 of the world of Philippines, Indonesia and Japanwhich would open an electoral period in the FEB to choose a successor. Elisa Aguilarcurrent director of competitions of the FEBhas already run to be the first female president in the history of the Federation, a milestone that could be real in a short period of time. The statutes of the FEB have regulated that in the absence of the president, the first vice president of the FEB or the secretary general. However, it is usually an emergency mechanism (leave, death, resignation), so it is more normal for an electoral period to open to which he would attend Elisa Aguilar as a candidate. That would not exempt from elections also in 2024 with a new assembly.

As explained in ACEseveral reasons have moved to garbajosa to take the step of trying to storm the presidency of FIBA Europe that would give him de facto, one of the vice presidencies of FIBA World. A personal reason is the desire to face a new challenge after having “emptied” in the FEB, from where he would leave with the absolute men’s team as number one in the world. The global one, his vision of FIBA Europe, which he sees in need of a “boost” from the presidency. “Europe has been the main engine of basketball in the world. And if we have not lost that leadership, we are at risk of losing it. And I think it is necessary to do it, ”she said in an interview with this newspaper on March 20.

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