Gallur chooses champions

The Gallur municipal sports center in Madrid is hosting the 59th edition of the Spanish Indoor Championships with 520 registered athletes (250 women and 270 men). An event that will crown the indoor kings and queens of 2023 and that will decide a large part of the tickets for the athletes who will represent our country in the European Championships in Istanbul (from March 2 to 5) since the deadlines to achieve the minimum required end on Sunday. An event with multiple incentives, duels and battles that will also have important absences such as, among others, those of Mohamed Katir, Ana Peleteiro, Mario García Romo, María Vicente, Orlando Ortega, Sara Gallego, Aauri Bokesa, Bruno Hortelano, Álvaro de Arriba or Hector Santos.


Despite the significant drops, the level during the three days of competition is presumed very high with very relevant duels such as, for example, that of Mariano García, Saúl Ordóñez or Adrián Ben in the 800, or the 60 hurdles with Asier Martínez and Enrique Llopis; 1500 with Jesús Gómez and Ignacio Fontes; or the 400 with Lucas Bua and Óscar Husillos. We will also have to be very aware of the prodigious Jordan Díaz in the triple jump, Adel Mechaal in the 3,000 or the participation in the heptathlon of the jumper Eusebio Cáceres who will not be in the length contest.

in category female many names to follow such as Jael Sakura Bestué and Maribel Pérez (60), Teresa Errandonea and Xenia Benach (60 hurdles), Paula Sevilla (200), Laura Bueno (400), Lorea Ibarzabal (800), Esther Guerrero (1,500) or Marta Pérez and Marta García (3,000), Fátima Diame (length) or Belén Toimil (weight). Today the first champion of Spain will be known, of the 26 that will take place throughout the weekend, since the women’s pentathlon will complete its five events in a foreseeable duel for gold between the shortlist made up of Andrea Medina, Carmen Ramos and Laura Aerie.



14:40 Heptathlon (M) 60 meters

15:00 Pentathlon (F) 60 hurdles

15:25 Heptathlon (M) Length

15:40 Pentathlon (F) Height

16:45 Heptathlon (M) Weight

17:30 3,000 (F) Semifinal

17:55 Pentathlon (F) Weight

18:10 Heptathlon (M) Height

18:15 200 (F) 1st round

18:55 200 (M) 1st round

19:00 Pentathlon (F) Length

19:35 3,000 (M) Semifinal

20:10 Pentathlon (F) 800

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