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Gabri Veiga’s replacement at Celta is better: he has won everything

With 12 years older than the Celtic promise, but still with technique and a good footing, the former Barcelona could land in the Celtic discipline to cover the hole that the Galician will leave in Carlos Carvalhal’s midfield.

Everything is arranged so that the sale of Gabri Veiga takes place at the end of the season, and meanwhile the RC Celtic already focused on his replacement. Although it is not another promise like the Galician, if he is a talented footballer who carries with him the experience of having played in the best teams in the world. Exactly at FC Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich and Liverpool.

The present of the player in question is not the best, and the Reds club is already preparing its sale for the next summer window. Thus, Celta could receive the signing of Thiago Alcántara as a replacement for Gabri Veiga. And it is that after 10 years since he abandoned the Barça discipline, the Spanish-Brazilian would return to LaLiga Santander, this time to put on the light blue elastic.

Gabri Veiga Celtic
Despite the fact that he has one more year left on his contract at Liverpool, Thiago Alcántara will leave Anfield at the end of the season.

Celta examines the operation of Thiago Alcántara and would pay for it with the sale of Gabri Veiga

Despite his poor performance this season, the 32-year-old midfielder has a base price of €18m. His current contract signed with Liverpool runs until 2024, for which they will ask for a transfer figure. In this way, the 18 kilos can become 7 or 9, although it is a sum that the Galician team cannot assume.

The only way for the Celtic club to cover the operation of Thiago Alcántara, is that it can collect the Veiga clause, from the team that wants it (Real Madrid). This is 40 million euros, although there have been some disagreements on the payment of this. The truth is that less than 30 kilos will not receive Mouriño, and in this way the operation of the former Bayern Munich increases the chances of success.

The sale of Gabri Veiga would not guarantee 100% the signing of Thiago Alcántara

Having the money from the sale of Gabri Veiga does not immediately sign Thiago Alcántara to RC Celta. This is because there are more teams following in the footsteps of the Spanish-Brazilian. One of them was Atlético de Madrid, but in the last few hours they have given up the operation by order of Diego Simeone.

Those who are still pending from the former Barcelona are Villarreal CF and Benfica. Two teams with modest but manageable checkbooks for an operation like this. It will be a matter of who convinces the player and, incidentally, the English squad. In the Reds sports management they are already contemplating the departure of the midfielder, since he does not enter into Jurgen Klopp’s plans.

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