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Future Tesla vehicles could benefit from Bose noise reduction

Future Tesla vehicles could benefit from Bose noise reduction

DSP Concepts, which supplies its Audio Weaver technology for Tesla vehicles, has signed an agreement with Bose. This collaboration may allow to equip the next models of the Californian giant with a noise reduction system signed by Bose: the QuietComfort Road Noise Control.

Improve the sound insulation of the interior of electric vehicles. Tesla has been working on this for years, with remarkable success, but its next vehicles could take a new step in this area.

As reported by the specialized website Teslarati, DSP Concepts (which develops the Audio Weaver software used by Tesla) recently announced that it will now collaborate with the American audio provider Bose. This deal could become really interesting for Tesla, as Bose has a very promising technology for the automotive world: the QuietComfort Road noise control system (also known as RNC).

As the name suggests, this is an active noise reduction solution. Similar to the present in the manufacturer’s headphones, it was designed to reduce, this time in the passenger compartment, the noise generated by the road and also by the different surfaces and terrain on which the vehicle will travel.

Sensors everywhere to analyze road noise

To reduce noise in the passenger compartment, the Bose RNC system uses all the tools at its disposal: the vehicle’s accelerometers, its signal processing software, its microphones, but also its audio system. Bose finally uses detectors placed at the vehicle’s suspension level to allow its technology to understand what type of road is being traveled (rough roads, grooved concrete, paved road, uneven pavement, etc.) and thus compensate for the noise emitted by road, inside the cockpit.


As Bose explains in the video above, this technology is intended primarily for electric vehicles, since they cannot rely on the noise of their engine to mask the hustle and bustle of the road. The idea is, therefore, to make the driving experience even quieter in vehicles that are already pleasant from that point of view.

We can also imagine that if the next Tesla models have QuietComfort RNC technology, their audio quality will be even better. In this sense, the manufacturer can now count on speakers and amplifiers designed by former Bang & Olufsen engineers, but also with Audio Weaver software from DSP Concepts, which is best used to calibrate this equipment.

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