There are things in football beyond goals. There are many ways to bring joy to fans beyond the math of the leaderboard. Despite already being relegated and dragging on a terrifying streak of seven consecutive defeats, the Fuenlabrada fans were able to feel proud of their team, which beat Lugo after dominating it from beginning to end and took the game with the seriousness and intensity that a professional squad is supposed to. The Lugofor his part, decided that once mathematically saved there was nothing at stake and passed through the Anxo Carro leaving a sad image of neglect and passivity. She did not deserve this neither the public nor the importance of the date. a pity

The game started weak, with the Fuenlabrada at the trot and the Lugo in step There was so little tension five minutes later an absurd penalty, so strange that the braid had to check it in the VAR, served for Pedro León to overtake the azulones. To say that there was a local reaction would be to exaggerate, quite the contrary, with a Fuenlabrada who dominated the ball and took advantage of every unforced error of the locals, who were still in the dark. Lugo clung to Señé’s hierarchy and Chris Ramos’ shot to overcome a clearly improvable group game. Lugo equalized with a good shot from Señeby far the best of the premises.

Things didn’t change much after the restart. Lugo tried to activate but Fuenlabradamore involved in the game despite being relegated, came more and better to the local area. Whalley took a ball that slipped past Pedro León, but could not prevent Kanté’s goal after a Leon high school dribble. At this point, the superiority of the team was indisputable. Sandovalwhich not only subjected the Lugo but that it arrived with danger to the goal of a Lugo asleep, with an intensity unbecoming of the professional football to which he belongs, so much so that before minute 70 Albés had already made the five changes. The ridicule could have been greater if Whalley was not perfect in another hand in hand in front of Kante. In the end, a fair prize for those who wanted to compete in the match.


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